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  • Pretty interesting. Check it out tho.

  • Here goes the second Mix Tape by Chi Town Born!!

  • Listen to Chi Town Born’s very own, Marz, on his Mix Tape ‘Chicago’s Playlist’!!

  • Listen to C.T.B.’s very own A-Train on his Mix Tape Speak Out!!!!

  • Listen to my first Mix Tape.
    EP coming soon..
    #ChiTownBorn #J.Flow #Heart&Soul

  • Listen to this new hit ‘IDGAF by C.T.B.’!!!

  • Listen to ChiTownBorn’s Mix Tape? #ChiTownBorn #Chicago #MixTape #CTB

  • Have you heard ‘IDGAF by ChiTownBorn’?

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  • Have you heard ‘You Can Be By ChiTownBorn’?